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Adrian Rogers

I, Raymond Rider, a simple and plain man of little consequence to the world, had the distinction and honor of applying my technical skills to the creation of Adrian Rogers’ messages to the world. As a member of Bellevue Baptist Church, as a volunteer in the media suite at that church, I mixed many sermons of Adrian Rogers. The sermons were recorded to PC, and edited for broadcast quality, ultimately going to the Love Worth Finding network for world-wide distribution.

Using the SoundForge audio editor, I “cleaned-up” his sermons for broadcast quality. Let me emphatically say, this man was a “Media Giant”. His public persona was as perfect as any human could be. Therefore, my job in cleaning up Adrian Rogers’ content was easy, indeed! Maybe there were a couple of “ahhhs”, maybe a little too long of a pause to take out as these are typically done when formatting for media broadcasting.

Former pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church and creator of Love Worth Finding Ministries

Adrian Rogers
Pastor and Religious Genius for All Times

Adrian Rogers, “The Miracle Mile”
Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 38

Adrian Rogers: “People all wrapped up in themselves make a very small package!”


Adrian Rogers, “How Are You Going to Get to Heaven?”
Romans, Chapter 8

Adrian Rogers: “If you are depending upon your work to get to Heaven, the only way you are going to get there is to be absolutely, totally perfect. I wouldn’t trust the best 15 minutes I ever lived to get me to Heaven!”



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Campaign for Liberty – Memphis, Tennessee

Motto: Reclaim the Republic. Restore the Constitution

Campaign for Liberty of West Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee

Joe Wolverton Spoke on July 7, 2017

Constitutional Attorney, Professor

Joe Wolverton

Mr. Joe Wolverton is a native of Osceola, Arkansas, but as the son of a career soldier, he was raised both in Europe and America, graduating from high school in Frankfurt, Germany. Joe received his B.A. degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University in 1995 and his Juris Doctor in 2001 from the University of Memphis in Tennessee.
Since 2004, Joe has been a featured contributor to The New American magazine. Most recently, he has written a cover story article on the rise of the surveillance state, as well as numerous articles exposing the tyranny of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and related legislation that he has dubbed the Dossier of Dictatorship.
His articles on the NDAA, the Constitution, states rights, drones, and the surveillance state have appeared in national and international publications, including, the Ron Paul Forums, the Tenth Amendment Center, Infowars, the Guardian (U.K.), and Business Insider, among others.
Joe is a featured speaker on the nationwide Nullify Now! tour and lectures frequently at Campaign for Liberty events.  Apart from his work as a journalist and public speaker, Joe is a professor of American Government and was a practicing constitutional law attorney until 2009.

Listen to Mr. Wolverton as he spoke to the C4L meeting on July 7, 2017 about James Madison, the subject of his forthcoming book due to be released soon: