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This is a great video that shows “Clear Thinking” over “Leftist Feel good” thinking

The Truth about Communism


This is a great video from the past, narrated by Ronald Reagan that explains the evil of Communism. Please watch: “The Truth about Communism”.

The Truth about Communism – Click below to play:

The Misconceptions about the Spanish Civil War

Generalísimo Francisco Franco beat the Republican populists in the Spanish Civil War. Franco’s opposition came by direct help from Soviet Moscow with arms and troops. Also helping the socialist Republican populists were the Eastern Bloc Soviet satellite states. Additionally, the Communist parties in the United States sent people to fight against Franco through the so called “International Brigade” along with other Western leftist volunteers.

There is a general “hatred” against Franco by most Spanish and Hispanic cultures throughout the world. The “left” have changed the facts about the civil war to advance their cause. However, there is another view based on documented facts that are either unaccepted, or forgotten.

The Spanish Civil War escalated in steps that originally began when the popular elected Republicans gained elected power from King Alfonso XIII. This political force was known as the “Popular Republican Front”. The leftist labor unions were the driving force in the Republican movement to gain power. Moscow communists came to the aid of the Republicans, followed by other communist satellites, plus volunteers from Western socialist groups such as the Lincoln Brigade from the United States, and others in the International Brigade. The Republicans were anti Catholic. They were killing the priests and other Catholic officials, and looting church treasures.

Generalísimo Franco was a “Nationalist” in the traditional Spanish culture, particularly supporting the Catholic church. He formed forces against the Republicans. Franco asked for help from the United States. His request was denied. Therefore, he took help from the only places he could get it, Germany’s Hitler and Italy’s Benito Mussolini.

Eventually Franco won over the socialists efforts to turn Spain into a communist government. I believe history has given Franco a “bad rap”, partially because of his solicitation of help from Hitler and Mussolini. However, a deeper question has to be asked: “Didn’t Franco save Spain from a communist style government the likes of Cuba? No one wants a dictatorial government. And, in the end, Franco relinquished control back to the monarchy before  his death.

Another point to keep in mind about the Spanish Civil War. A civil war is a war against “all its people”. Just as in the civil war between the States, sometimes brothers were fighting brothers. The unfortunate circumstances of being a Southerner brought misfortune to hundreds of thousands as the Union troops overran the weaker south. Spanish citizens were either caught up on the wrong side, or made the choice as many did, fleeing to South America, or other foreign countries, taking their “hatred” of Franco with them.

For me, common sense and “clear thinking” applies in this historical event. I am over-whelmed at a modern and beautiful Spain. Generalisimo Franco played the major role in Spain’s out-come to be a desired country to live, and not a “shabby”, “tattered” and “run-down” place such as Communist Cuba.


The below video shows the real truth behind the Spanish Civil War


A Century of Enslavement at the Hands of the Federal Reserve and Its Enabler, the Internal Revenue Service