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Welcome to the Web Site of “Clear Thinking”

It is a strange world we live in! We are divided right down the middle in many areas, especially related to the political scene. Many people within the left-sided political spectrum are against those on the right-side; they cannot, or will not say their reasoning. These left-sided people are tuned to a particular information source that favors their ideals.

Conversely, the opposite is true with people who are within the right-sided spectrum. Somehow, the notion of thinking for oneself has been lost since the onset of vast quantities of mass media material now available. The means of communications have become numerous and rather cheap in these days of satellites and fiber optics running across the land.

It is time to think for ourselves! It is time to throw off the shackles of the propaganda disseminated by these media giants, whose sole purpose is to make gobs of money in their methods of sensationalism, highly scripted to capture the primordial emotions with no need for critical thinking.

Long, lost are the means, or the desires to apply a sense of logic and research for finding the actual truth. A sense of “passing the smell test” will many times lead one in the right direction towards the correct answer, as one begins to think logically,

The purpose of this site is to initiate some ideas in the world of human thinking, which are mostly coupled to the notions that men are basically born with a internal need to be free, and to be left alone by outside forces, typically the forces of government and the social elites.

Who is right? Is it the left-sided people? Or, is it the right-sided people? To answer the question “who is right” in this argument, simply look at the world’s laboratory. Would you rather live in a country like the United States? Or, would you rather live in North Korea or Cuba? No proof is needed from me! You just have to be clear minded and be able to think logically for accepting the truth.

My Statement to the World!

You may, or may not agree with my posting about my religious and/or political views. My views have nothing to do with what I may think about you. My personal views towards you are simply based on my relationship with you. If I am treated with love and respect, that attitude makes it easy to relate to you in a more positive way.

I don’t consider your religion, or lack of it as a measure of how I feel towards you. Please do not hold it against me if I choose to declare that I am a follower of Christianity based on Jesus as my “Savior”. My role as a Christian is to spread the “Good News”. You may, or may not practice religion without a threat of coercion from me.

I do not hold a personal grudge against anyone if they are politically liberal. So, please don’t hold negative thoughts against me if I personally believe that I should be left alone by government to do as I please, as long as I don’t fraud or harm you. I don’t feel responsible for your medical care, housing, food and other gifts given to you by theft from me via the government. I want to chose to whom I donate my charity.

I hope this statement leads to a good rapport  between us. I wish to love and be friends with all who are equally willing. If we have different religious or political beliefs, we may choose to leave those subjects for others.

Why I created this web site

This site is a way for me to promote Clear Thinking on a number of fronts such as social and political systems. Somehow, we have lost the ability to sort things out in a truthful and logical manner. Instead, we have become indoctrinated by the satanic lies of the “power barons” of the elites in power.

I am a Libertarian. I am a person who wishes to be left alone, to do as I wish as long as I don’t initiate force or fraud on  you. Likewise, you should not initiate force on, or defraud me.

I am entitled to my wealth. If I choose to do stupid and crazy things with it, that is my business. It should not matter to anyone what I have, unless I gained it illegally. Obama frequently says: “Things need to be fair”. For Obama, and those who think like him, believe “fairness” is redistribution of wealth. However, Clear Thinking says it wouldn’t be fair to confiscate material things from somebody else. That would be theft; that is what the government is doing to us in order to make things fair.

"The Thinker" - Auguste Rodin

“The Thinker” – Auguste Rodin

Tearing Apart what the Founders Fought Over in the Revolutionary War.

I look around the world, and see so much poverty and oppression due to the policies of those who rule over them. I have traveled to many parts of the world. I have traveled from the worse places to the best! I have personally seen unbelievable poverty. In contrast, I have seen places of vast wealth. Why is there such a difference? The reason is very simple. Government influence and control overwhelms those who live in places of abject poverty. Whereas, in places of wealth and prosperity, people are free to do what they please with little interference from authorities. the Clear Thinking on this point is profound! Even the casual observer, if they can be honest with themselves, will see this difference. Unfortunately, political obedience and trickery has closed the eyes of even those who are highly educated.

Several years ago, I began to question what was going on in my own country. I began to compare the United States with other places around the world. I begin to see events in the last 30 years that are very “troubling” as we drift away from the freedom we once had.

We have been deceived by the political elites of an out-of-control Congress in their usurpation of the United States Constitution, We are overwhelmed with political correctness coming from the social elites, upheld by a leftist media who no longer “report the truth”. Worst, the education of our youth has deteriorated through the failures of “central planning” instead of local parental control.

Friends, we are in trouble! A vast number haven’t awoken to discover what they are losing. Many have awoken, including me. This web site is my small contribution.

Click this link to watch a video that demonstrates “Clear Thinking”.

The Human Condition

The human condition runs between two extremities of desiring to be be free on one end, and looking to find something for nothing at the other end. To get something for nothing, someone has to give it to you. Individuals normally oppose giving away what is theirs. Those who refuse must be forced. And, that my friends is the struggle between freedom and force. There can be very little middle ground between freedom and force. Once force comes into play, the notion of freedom is incrementally lost as those who control the “forcing” have achieved their status doing so. These power barons never relinquish their grip peacefully, or willingly. Their power is their wealth.

The best social solutions are exhibited by the laboratory of truth. This experiment has proven that the best societies are the ones who allow their citizens to enjoy their Natural Rights. Societies may chose to collect together and share things in common, such as roads and other public infrastructure that all enjoy. Naturally, there is a cost that has to be paid by all of those who make use of it. Sharing the infrastructure is a reasonable compromise between the anarchy of no government and a totally collective society.

There is always a risk collecting together, even to share the infrastructure. A governing body may not follow the original rules setup for managing how the government is run. How do we reign them in? This is the question facing us. We are slowly losing our freedoms as many have learned through political pressure, that government benefits can be obtained for free. The government leaders are willing to fill the federal food troughs for their votes.

Natural Rights

What else is there in this miracle of birth? There is something more. Click on this link to see the answer.

Baby In Crib

Rights Come from Birth, not Governments






Filling out your form 1040

Shouldn’t April 15th be just “another day”?

Federal Income Tax System Is Just Another Form of Slavery

How could Clear Thinking leaders allow such an atrocious tax system?

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How will we ever solve the problem with drugs? You may be surprised to hear my Clear Thinking explanations!

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Harry Browne, 1933 – 2006


Harry Browne ran for President of the Libertarian Party. He came to Memphis in 1995. I had the pleasure to speak with him at length. The discussions I had with him woke me up to see how the drug war will never be won. Leave people alone, and let them suffer the consequences. You teach people to not to fool with electricity. But, we don’t outlaw it!

Harry Browne’s explanation on drug prohibition.
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The Seemingly Unsolvable Race Problem

Kids of the world getting along

Kids of the world getting along

What is the Clear Thinking on “Race”? Not much is going to change until we stand-up for freedom and Natural Rights. Look for more racial confrontation until we stop giving the public platform to the “race baiters and agitators”,. Click here to see more about race!

Has America Become a Police State? — YES!

Fort Worth, TX SWAT Team

Local Police SWAT Team

Are we already a “police State”? Watch this video as Marc Victor explains how the government can do whatever it wishes to you as it “broadly interprets the Constitution. Click here to see video.